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Winter and Fall Home To-Do List

Once Spring and Summer are over, the time begins for you to start preparing your property for the upcoming colder months. Here are some things you can do this Fall and Winter.

Photo by Enrique Macias

Check your Window and Door seals

You can lose quite a bit of heat over the cold months if you have big gaps around your doors and windows. This is a super easy and cheap fix, so it’s a good place to start.

Weatherproof Exterior Pipes

Buy insulating tape to wrap around any exterior pipes. Towels have always worked for me. There are also covers you can purchase at any general store in the winter to cover your water hose pipes outside.

Maintenance Air-conditioner

Now is the time to get your system serviced to make sure it is ready for the upcoming cold. Also, make sure to change all filters on a monthly bases to make sure the system stays running well.

Check detectors

Check your batteries and make sure everything is working correctly.

Do maintenance for trees and shrubs

If you have trees on your property, consider hiring an arborist service to care for them — these pros can spot signs of poor health early on to prevent tree loss, and they have the know-how to prune properly to avoid falling limbs in winter storms.

Clean gutters and downspouts

Once the leaves have fallen, clean out gutters and downspouts. Having dirty and clogged gutters can cause water to pool and damage your roof or siding during storms.

Check Your Electrical System

Before that cold weather sets in, make sure to schedule an electrical maintenance tune-up.

In case you experience problems, hire a reputable electrician to investigate further. This isn’t exactly something you should yourself.

Make exterior repairs

Walk around your property, looking for signs of damage to the roof, siding, and foundation. If you see anything that is damaged or does not look right, look into getting it repaired before it gets icy outside.

 Clean Your Dryer Vents

Make sure to remove built-up lint from the dryer in order to reduce the fire risk and improve your household energy efficiency.

First thing, clean the lint filter.

Next, clean the lint vents. You can find these at the back of most dryers. If you have any trouble locating them, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Take a flathead screwdriver and loosen the clamps. This will allow you to pull the vent away from the wall and the dryer. Next, hold the vent upright and use a dryer vent duct brush to brush down the piping.

Twist the brush when you pull it out, but make sure to be gentle. Repeat this until all the lint in the vent has been removed.

Then reconnect the vent and turn your dryer on for around 15 minutes. This forces air through the vents and will blow out any lint that may have been in the tubing or stuck in the outer vent.

Clean your closets

This is a good place to start so you have somewhere to store stuff that you are packing away. It’s always nice to get rid of stuff that has just been piling up, and we all know closets get the worst of it.

Start the no shoes in the house rule.  

Whatever the season, its always a good time to start this. It keeps the dirt level in your home down significantly as well as mini germs that you step in while you are out in the world!